Okay, that was a bit dramatic,  it wasn’t entirely an accident.  But it wasn’t intentional, either!

Last week I mentioned one of my goals in life was to buy a house in the country.  It was on my mind because we were in the process of doing just that.  In fact, we still are.  It’s a bit of an odd/lengthy process this time, but it’s worth it to get our “forever home.” Whoever said “nothing in life is easy” – you’re kind of a dick; maybe if you’d said “awesome things in life are super easy” THAT would have manifested for everyone!

The property belonged to my dance instructor who knew we were looking for a place with land and approached us.  In addition to all the “lifelong reasons” we bought it (location, acreage, etc.) it also has the dance studio! She’s going to continue to conduct business there until her new space is ready, which could take a few months (I can’t WAIT to see her new space!!).  We’re renovating the house before we move in (so much easier than moving a couch in order to drywall!) so we aren’t living there yet anyway.  Eventually, she’ll move locations and I’ll have a dance studio! I may do some small renovations to it, but it’ll most likely just be decorating to put my own touches on it since the space is pretty damn great.

Last week I also mentioned I have one pole goal for 2014: to love pole more frequently.  It’s my sincere hope that having full-time and across-the-yard access to my own studio will help me find that love frequently.  I’m not getting my hopes too high – I used to have my pole up in my damn living room 100% of the time and didn’t use it much. But this is a STUDIO, with special non-living-room lighting and without my furniture and without my dog underfoot, so maybe it’ll feel special and I’ll do it more. It won’t replace my instructor’s special methods of guided exploration and instruction – that’s what class is for – but it should be a creative outlet and healing experience nonetheless. Right now I pole about once a week – not enough to sustain a love affair. And I want that love affair. I want to be seduced by pole again.

So, I wasn’t looking for a dance studio, but now I own one.  Oh universe, you so crazy!

I’ll show you the actual space once I get into all all that in a few months, but for now here’s a sneak peak of the outside of the building.  It’s the appraisal picture – so flattering, I know!

My new studio ~Ascending Slowly

The crunchy outside is an outbuilding, but the gooey inside is a sexy, luxurious dance studio!