I’m not one to make a list of resolutions.  I’m not really even interested in goals, other than a very few life goals (buy a house in the country; don’t die penniless, that kind of thing). In my pole life I rarely set goals because that instantly overwhelms me with feelings of obligation and I never want to feel obligated with pole. Obligation is my life nemesis.

This article highlights an interesting point that resonates with me.  “Stay focused on your goals and you spoil your experience of the activities you’ll need to pursue.” A while back my husband and I heard a Ted Talk that has stuck with us. He mostly enjoys the memory of an experience. I mostly enjoy the experience itself.  For example, if we were camping and a bear entered camp I’d be terrified and the whole experience would be ruined, while he may be terrified and relish the awesome memory. In pole, this means I want to dance and feel and have small successes all the time, but working really hard to nail a trick does nothing for me at all. I want to love the experience at the time I’m having it – I don’t care about the future or the past. Now, I’m not generally afraid of hard work, but I think it has to have some kind of instant payoff and not be overly hard for too long.  I don’t mind a few crunches, they make me feel strong, but too many of them and I start to get pretty hateful. My instructor does a great job of tricking me into getting stronger by focusing on the experience of the moment and using slow progression.  I believe that’s the main reason I’ve stuck with pole – it’s still fun and not overwhelming or boring.

The article is full of other points that really speak to me, take a look.

2014 Intentions ~Ascending Slowly

credit: Andrew Hurley

What does this mean for 2014? I do have one goal for the year: I want to love pole more frequently.  I love being in my class but that’s only a couple hours a week. I want to love it a few times a week at least. Then maybe I’ll post more here, too, but that’s not a specific goal or it’ll feel like an obligation!  What will I do to make this happen? Stay tuned this month to find out! Or, take some wild-ass guesses in the comments – that sounds fun!!!

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