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Three little words that can change everything.  We don’t say it enough.  How many ways do people touch our lives and we just forget to tell them?  So I’m saying it now.  To my pole sisters, classmates, teachers, I appreciate every one of you.

You’ve spent years with me opening your hearts and accepting mine.  We’ve encouraged each other through tricky tricks and heart wrenching personal development. You’ve seen me melt down and rise again. I’ve seen you transcend yourselves, and it broke my heart open with joy.

2013-11-10 Gratitude 1

Love these women. (One couldn’t make it, she’s just as important!)

To our amazing instructors and particularly the Aerosha creator, Rachael, thank you.  Your vision of us – personally, each of us – has been nothing short of remarkable and seeing myself through your eyes has helped me learn how to appreciate myself and others so much more.  Rachael, I recently realized how much effort and thought you put into our individual development.  You’re a rockstar of the heart.

She supports us every week.  About time we support her!

She supports us every week. About time we support her!

I love you all and I’m a better person for having known each of you.  Thank you ALL for being in my life!

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