When dancepolesale.com contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the Art of Pole DVD series by Jamilla Deville for them I was excited. I reviewed the first one a couple months ago but then dragged my feet on this one. Well, I checked it out this weekend and I think I’m already in over my head!

Review Questionnaire for Video 2:

1. Were the instructions in this DVD easy to understand? Were you able to follow along easily? This video is not for beginners. Though I was able to understand her easily, the moves are not easy and you can’t just plow through.

2. What student level do you think this DVD should be recommended to? Intermediate at least. The DVD gets into inversions and lots of variations.

3. How does it compare to other pole dancing DVDs you’ve experience? It’s much faster paced than the first volume and I don’t have any other DVDs to compare it to.

4. Were there any aspects in the DVD that you didn’t like? Yes, I wish there was more about HOW to do certain things. Often the instruction seemed to only hit the high points.

5. Over all did this DVD make you feel good about yourself? Absolutely not. In fact, I couldn’t finish watching it because I was feeling so incredibly overwhelmed. I consider myself intermediate, but some of these moves seemed advanced to me. If I can’t get through Volume 2 there’s really no hope for volumes 3 through 5. Makes me feel not so far along after all.

6. Would you recommend this to a friend? Maybe if they really wanted to challenge themselves!

7. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 the highest, how would you rate this DVD? I’d say 6. I feel like it’s a high quality DVD but is just so packed and fast paced that it’s not for everyone.

8. Any other comments you would like to add? Yes. There are several times where the demo is perfect but there aren’t enough instructions in my opinion to properly prep a person. Also, there were over 50 moves so for an ambitious person, this might be a great DVD. For me, too much too fast.

Art of Pole Jamilla Deville

*Disclaimer – I received this DVD set as a request from dancepolesale.com to provide my honest review of it. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. This video can be found at http://www.dancepolesale.com/collections/dance-pole-fitness-dvd-videos which is not affiliated with me.