I don’t write enough.  I know that.  But I don’t really like writing.  I can’t think up topics that others would be interested in.  I have opinions, of course, so given a topic I’m fine, but I can’t come up with topics.  That’s why I love my pole blogging group.  Anyway, one of the blogs I read, Almost Hollywood, had an “A-Z” post where each question starts with a letter of the alphabet and it’s just a fun exercise to break up the long streak of no writing.  Here we go.


Age: 41 for another week. I still think I’m about 32.  Seriously.

Beer of choice: none. I drink it if I have to.  Some of my friends are beer snobs.  I like that they dig it.

Creative outlet of choice: Dancing in a dark room with loud, soulful music and a pole and/or large, plush chair.

Drink of choice: Water now that I’ve been made to like it. (That’s another post.)  For alcohol, I like Mike’s Hard Lemonade in Light Cranberry. It’s like yummy beer.

Eaten last: Had a couple crackers late last night. I like crackers. You can nibble them.  (My fingers accidentally typed “nipple”.  Don’t nipple your crackers, that’s weird.)

Favorite food: Bread.  Lord, I love bread.  I try not to eat a ton of it, but if I could, every meal would be bread.  I love when it’s dark and there’s tons of stuff in it, when it’s white and delicate, when it’s rustic or fancy. It conveys other delicious food to my mouth.  And toasted with butter, it’s like happiness.

Greatest fear: Hurting people’s feelings. I like to be mean and snarky, but never for real.  When I hurt people it breaks my heart into smithereens.

Home: A 3 bedroom ranch in the midwest. Bought it to flip for profit, fixed it up, then the market tanked.  Now deciding to stay a bit longer because it’s super cheap and is already fixed up.  Love the huge deck in the back.

Ice cream flavor: Coffee. Or some kind of chocolate/caramel/pecan.  Mmm, pecans.

Jeans: I wear Diva jeans from Old Navy.  I hate buying jeans as they never fit quite right. In fact, I hate shopping for clothes. It takes too long to find something that fits and I have no fashion sense. I need a personal shopper.

Knock out pole trick: I honestly have no idea.  I’m not a big trickster and can’t think of a single move that stands out.  Floorwork on the other hand … maybe my envelope into mynx. Those are not industry-standard words.  I should post a clip.

Last movie I watched: Along Came Polly. I don’t know what possessed me to try a RomCom.   Give me SciFi!

Master level skill: Encouragement.  I’ve learned how to find something awesome in everyone and show them what that looks like from someone else’s eyes.  (Note: topic was May fitness goal, but that was too time-specific and I like the idea of picking one thing we’re really good at.)

Never ever: I’ve never performed Pole in a competition.  Don’t really plan to, either.

Over it: Trying to please everyone. Ain’t gonna happen.

Pole move that’s evading me: Most of them!  I guess an invert on my wrong side would be next on my list.

Quirk my significant other claims I have: I used to apparently grind my teeth while sleeping.  I think I haven’t done that in a while.

Radio station: Power 96.5.  I work from home, so I’m not actually in my car that much.  I listen to much less music than I did when I commuted.  I can’t focus on work with it in the background, so it stays off when I’m home.

Strange food I like: I don’t really have any odd food choices, but I do find a strange way to give myself allergies to foods.  Like sunflower seeds – I’ll eat them frequently (like some every night) and then one day my nose starts itching and even having one will set it off.  So I’ll switch to something else, and one day the itching starts.  Why can’t I have tiny, nibbleable snacks every night??

Traffic violations: If my memory is correct, in 26 years I’ve had one ticket and it was in my first year. I hit a person in a crosswalk – neither of us should have been there and it was horrifying.  My stepdad made me drive home because he thought I might never drive again.  He was probably right. The lady was fine; clipped her elbow and she didn’t even go to the hospital. I’m hyper vigilant now.

Underappreciated body part: I strongly dislike my lower belly.  I’m learning to not hate how it looks, but I still hate how it makes shorts move when I dance. It doesn’t feel good and it distracts me.

Very bad at: not being self-centered.  I’m pretty sure the entire earth revolves around me.  I think about my own concerns waaaaay too much.

Working on: having fun.  I take things way too seriously.

Xrays: lots if you also count CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds.  I’ve had cancer so they check frequently to make sure the radiation hasn’t given me any super powers.  None so far.

Yes: I’ll always say yes to a massage.  They are so healing!

Zero: Number of aerial inverts I’ve done.  One day.

Want to play along?  Answer below or stick it in your own blog and post a link below!