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Have you ever heard of plopping?  It’s how I get my hair to be curly without being a frizzy hot mess. It’s also called plunking. The gist is that you carefully bunch your hair up in a delicate towel so it sets in big defined curls. This month’s blog hop is about beauty and I thought this might give my curly-haired polers some inspiration!  (You don’t have to have long hair like me, either!)

This topic needs to be a vlog – a video blog – because it’s all about the show-and-tell. So, if you’re reading this in email, here’s the link to my video. Otherwise, scroll down and watch how I do it! It’s under 5 minutes, the first half being how to plop and the second about how I prep my hair. (The prep part was longer but I cut that crap out.  You know how to use hair gel.)

P.S.  For the love of all that is holy, don’t use Urban Dictionary as a reference for plopping!

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