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Who doesn’t love free stuff?  At the end of this post is a giveaway extravaganza so read on!

Let’s talk about our pretty bodies.  My body is beautiful but it’s not always pretty.  Here’s the short list of what makes me feel pretty in my pole life. (If you follow my blog you know it’s usually all about being beautiful on the inside, but it’s not wrong to want to feel pretty on the outside, too!)

  1. Hair (body).  I prefer less of it.  I’m like a yeti, and although it’s fun to think of traipsing through the woods confusing people, in my pole life it just makes me self-conscious. Plus skin feels better smooth, to me.  I started getting a professional laser service and the company stopped offering it, so I looked around for another place.  After doing enough research to get a masters degree, a friend and I decided to get a home laser machine.  Oh baby!  Love, love, love it.  I’ve done 3 sessions so far, with 3 to go (then rare follow-ups), and it’s really working nicely.  The hair is coming in less and finer.  Can’t wait to be hair free!  Pros: shit-tons cheaper than professional services, scheduling flexibility, privacy. Cons: home product = reduced power = more sessions = delayed gratification (you know I hate that!), unfortunate idiocy because you aren’t a pro (note: don’t accidentally look at the thing as it goes off or you’ll blind yourself). We got an online deal for the Silk’n SensEpil. It was the right choice for us but note that it’s technically Light treatment, not Laser.  Comment or email me if you have any questions at all.
  2. Hair (head). Dance with abandon and fix later.  I’ve tried to pole and keep my hair “nice.”  You know what that gets me?  Crappy dancing.  I’m a freestyler – it’s all about the emotion.  Worrying about hair is counter productive. You know what I look like when I’m done dancing?  Sex hair.  As it should be. Later on I can let it be naturally large and in charge or tie it back, but I don’t try to contain it during the dance anymore. That’s wellness, right there.
  3. Skin. I hear a lot about pole days and non-pole days regarding lotion and paper-dry skin.  People!  There are products that don’t make you choose!  I’m a big fan of Dew Point spray.  It basically just takes moisture from the air. I keep a sample sized sprayer in my pole bag.  I’ve also heard of Pole Physics cream but haven’t tried it.
  4. Nails.  I’ve said it before but my nails love to have shellac on them, especially my toes for maximum dragging potential. That’s some no-nonsense product right there!
  5. Breath.  What?  YES!  If I pop in a mint or a piece of sex gum before I dance (but don’t leave it in during – that feels like a choking hazard waiting to happen)  I feel fresher and I pole fresher!  I call this “sex gum” because no matter how much you’ve been partying if you chew this, your breath gets fresh and you’re ready to go! Note: friends think it’s crazy powerful. It actually clears my sinuses. You’ve been warned.
  6. Water.  It makes you pretty AND well.  When you’re dehydrated your skin gets parched and you look and feel shitty (and have trouble sticking to a pole).  I didn’t like water until very recently.  I drank it because I knew I should and I didn’t drink enough of it.  One of my therapists suggested I might have “copper toxicity” and did a little treatment on me which resulted in me loving water.  Yes, it was all voodoo but I don’t care, it worked.

Giveaway for facebook readers!

It’s time!  My first ever giveaway!!  In the spirit of beauty goodness, I want you to have some fun with nail care! These are all OPI products. Here’s what’s included and the approximate retail value of each, which comes to over $100.  Who loves ya, baby?

  • Avoplex high-intensity hand & nail cream ($12)
  • Avojuice hand & body lotion (raspberry violet).  Um, non-pole days I’d think! ($6)
  • Avoplex cuticle oil to go ($8)
  • Nail envy natural nail strengthener, maximum strength ($17)
  • Polish remover ($4)
  • Alien eau de parfum sample
  • RapiDry top coat ($6)
  • 6 full size bottles of color, in no particular order ($8 each):
    • Ski Teal We Drop
    • Cuckoo For This Color
    • Color So Hot It Berns
    • Glitzerland
    • William Tell Me About OPI
    • The Color To Watch
Ascending Slowly OPI giveaway

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Here’s how you win. Go to my facebook page and enter a comment on THIS POST ON FACEBOOK telling me your favorite beauty/body/wellness tip. 🙂  I will pin this to the top of my fb page all month.  (I want to leave the contest open all month so that new readers who find this through the official Blog Hop still have a chance.) Then I’ll use a random number generator to choose the winner and ship you this awesome package, not even charging for shipping (even international).  How d’you like them apples? I’ll accept one entry per person BUT if you have a pole dancing blog, you can comment as yourself AND as your blog’s fan page and get two chances – yay for blog hops!  If you want to share the love with your your friends or blog readers, share the post so they can play too! You don’t have to friend the facebook page to play but I love new readers, so do whatever’s comfortable!

Check out the blog hop throughout the month to see other entries about Beauty, Body and Wellness, or follow the PDBA on facebook to see when new articles are posted. There are going to be some GREAT ones – everything from tampons to eating well. I may even have another wellness post coming up this month. 🙂