The Pole Dancing Bloggers Association has a Photo-a-week challenge and this week it’s Pole Bag.

One of these things is not like the others….

Most polers don’t use knee pads – I don’t care.  I love mine and I never worry about my knees!  I really want to learn to climb in them but I know that’ll just take some effort. Strength wraps are the bomb – I don’t tweak my wrists!  Dew point for when I my skin is paper-dry.  And here’s the odd part – ear plugs.  My studio has a fabulous sound system and when I’m dancing it can’t be loud enough.  But when I’m watching there are times – in certain songs and in certain pitches – where it really hurts my ears. My instructor suggested ear plugs and they’re PERFECT!  I get to really enjoy the music still (because it’s loud as hell) without feeling assaulted.  Of course I don’t wear them for most of class, only when I’m sitting still and witnessing my fellow dancers.  Close observers will guess that I’m a barefoot dancer!

Pole bag ascending slowlySnap a pic of your pole bag and share it! Tag it with #poleblogphoto @pdbloggers.