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This weekend I attended my second-ever pole dance comp. It was the same event that I attended last year but it was very different for me.  Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly!


  • Traveled with 3 girlfriends, love them.
  • Saw Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant perform and win the national pro division.  FABULOUS. I just loved his spirit. I even watched the video without sound to make sure I was seeing it objectively and yes – love it. See below.
  • Took a Hoola Hoop class and had a blast. Haven’t done that (unless you count the imaginary hoop with the Wii) since I was a kid! My hips don’t lie, they love that motion!


  • There weren’t as many vendors as last year, or at least not some of the ones I hoped for, like Fly Gym. I wish I’d spent more time at the vendor booths, too.
  • I didn’t get to see any showcases so I missed out on the star performances and I missed seeing Bob perform. This was a total bummer but mostly my own fault (I took Saturday afternoon to go see Book of Mormon – no regrets! And I had to travel home on Sunday.)
  • I didn’t take any workshops, in part because when they were opened up for registration there were almost none that I qualified for (required a solid invert), however I recently found out there were more added that I would have really enjoyed.  I consider that very poor administrative execution, though it’s possible that the instructors couldn’t/wouldn’t commit sooner so it’s hard to know how to improve that.
  • The lighting was not good on the stage and you couldn’t see all the floorwork if someone came too far stage forward or back. Super distracting.
  • I disliked the MC’s style. Same guy as last year but he represents a platinum vendor so oh well.

UGLY (and beautiful)

  • I got a couple of super cute tops from Mika Yoga Wear on crazy sale (first time they’ve offered something for busty girls) and FORGOT THEM UNDER MY CHAIR.  Hadn’t even tried them on yet.  I was so unhappy.  I left a message for the convention center, the organizers, and Mika and guess what?  Some beautiful soul found it and turned it in to Mika and they’re sending them to me!  Thank you, dear sweet woman! And thank you Mika for monitoring your facebook messages (which some vendors don’t do).  So happy!

Overall, it was really fun but it didn’t wow me like it did last year, perhaps because my expectations were too high.  Next year I’m considering going to Pole Expo or Pole Convention instead.  (Weird factoid – if you search for “pole comp” because you thought that was what you wanted instead of PoleCon, my blog is on the first page of hits twice. That’s jacked up.)  Oh, and I would LOVE to go to the Flight Club Winter Showcase that Aerial Amy and Sheena LaShay put on in New York, but it’s hard to justify the travel for one showcase rather than a whole weekend.  Since significant travel is involved I’ll be choosing only one major event next year – any feedback on which major pole event you prefer?

Check out this awesome performance! Thanks to Don Curry for getting it online so quickly.  Josiah was the only male this year (next year they’re adding a male division) and I thought it was super creative how he chose to feminize his performance to be more in line with his competition.  They did judge strength based on gender, so that sounds fair in a mixed-gender comp.  What do you think?  Is this fun or what? (Link for email readers)