The Pole Dancing Bloggers Association has a Photo-a-week challenge and this week it’s hair.  Have you seen my hair?  How could I not participate?? It’s like its own character when I dance!

PDBA photo challenge 0813But I couldn’t choose just one, so I put in TWO!

IMG_0562 IMG_0563I love great photography but the hubby has the good camera with him, so this here’s some iPhone action.  I love my curls even though I sometimes long for the kind of straight hair that lets me run my fingers through it when I dance.  It doesn’t hurt that Cathy of The Spin Diaries told me she likes my curls.  *swoon*

I recently did a side-by-side to show what happens if I pay a professional to blow out my hair.  I love it, but my curls are comfy so I won’t trade them in. 🙂  See how I’m being brave by showing my unpleasant pic in there?  That’s how I roll.

Hair stylesSo come on polers, snap a pic of your hair and share it! Tag it with #poleblogphoto @pdbloggers.