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For the last post in my series on Social Media and Pole, here are five tips for pole businesses.  I’m talking studios, products, anyone with something to sell.

  1. Stop selling me something – and sell me someone. You have something I want and I have something you want (cash). I get it.  But sell me YOU, too. Make me love you like an Apple junkie loves Steve. Become more than your product, become a brand and I will join your tribe.  How? Engage me in an actual conversation. Ask questions, answer mine.
  2. Feed me just enough. Try to post the right amount for the platform.  Twitter? Sure, several times a day.  Facebook?  A couple times a week. Each audience knows how much they can take, trust them.
  3. Draw me a picture. Take a photo once in a while. My brain is amazing and can process so much more from an image than text.  I can connect with you in ways that a sentence could never deliver. Yes, it takes more time, but the payoff is huge. Involve my emotions by involving more of my senses and emotions.
  4. Play with me. Please for the love of all that is holy, make it fun once in a while.  In the pole industry, in addition to the horribly dry sale, companies sometimes do offer deeper content with inspiration, which I really enjoy.  But I don’t see many that offer fun engagement.  The pole community LOVES Leen Isabel’s Pole Dancing Adventures comics – they’re FUN.  I’m not a creatively fun person, so I don’t have a billion ideas (yet) on how to do this – maybe a game or funny dance quote. Just lighten it up sometimes. I will view your company as more human and bond with you.

What advice would you give to pole companies for their social media strategy?

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