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It’s Blog Hop time! But this isn’t a typical day in my life, this is the Most Pole-Filled Day I’ve Ever Had!

Last August 2 girlfriends and I had driven to Chicago for the 2012 Midwest and North American Pole Competition (my original blog post about it). More of us are going again this year!  I can’t wait!

We woke up Saturday morning and did the organizational miracle required for 3 women to share a shower and electrical outlets and lighting to get ready for the day.  Nailed it! A quick breakfast in the hotel dining area and we were ready for our adventure.

We went over to the Convention Center and were among the first ones to arrive for the day.  We checked in and started looking for our workshop space.  It was amazingly difficult to find even though the venue wasn’t too big. “Stretching and Flexibility” with Amy Guion.  Started the day with sweating and pulling and pushing and couldn’t have been happier! And she is insanely nice!

Amy Guion

Amy Guion

We then attended a (free) Choreography seminar with Kelly Yvonne. She is such a pro! Very sweet and really knows her stuff! We went to lunch nearby and as we were sitting outside enjoying the weather, Kelly Yvonne came to the same place for some lunch and we watched her put her earphones in and practice her routing for that evening. What a neat behind-the-scenes that was!

Kelly Yvonne

Kelly Yvonne

That afternoon I believe we saw some of the VIP showcases (performances by the judges and presenters).  Off. The. Hook. Like watching celebrities do what they do best. It’s almost surreal. Here are their performances.

That evening was the main event of the weekend, the North American Championship Elite Division Competition which is open to all of North America. There were 12 AMAZING performances. There is NOTHING like seeing pole performed live.  You know, looking back at them, it’s more clear to me how difficult it would be to tell a story when the performance must include so many compulsory technical moves (the VIP performances didn’t have that restriction).  I mean, Samantha was a freaking CYBORG! Well done, everyone!

We didn’t stay for the awards because we were exhausted.  We did so much more that weekend, but wow, just wow.  I didn’t get on a pole at all on Saturday but that was the polingist day of my life!  Bonus weird information: if you google 2012 midwest pole competition and flip to Images, within the top two rows of results is me hanging upside down from a Fly Gym!

What would your perfect “Day in the Life of a Poler” look like?

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