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It’s time for this month’s blog hop!  (And thank goodness, because my posting frequency is in the tank!)

I swear I’m not trying to be “clever” with this, but I have only one answer: nothing.  There are MANY things which, had I known them, would have changed my pole journey, but I don’t WISH I had known any of them.  My experience was unique and so is yours.  All the joys and tribulations brought me where I am at this moment and I don’t wish it had been any different.

But that’s not particularly helpful to new polers, which is the point of this month’s topic, so I’ll also list a few things that might make a positive difference in the life of a newbie.

  1. Try different styles.  Shoes or none; sexy or athletic; costumed or casual. You might be surprised when your body likes something your brain didn’t.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to anyone.  That’s bigger than “don’t compare yourself to others” – I think we shouldn’t even compare ourselves to our former selves.  This is TOTALLY contradictory to 99% of polers, by the way.  Most people are looking for progress and the only way to know if you’re progressing is to look at your past self.  But my journey has had major ebbs and flows – physically and emotionally – and if I looked at my past as “better” than my current moment I’d be so discouraged I’d quit.  Instead, I’m trying to live in the present and appreciate whatever place I’m in right now, even if I was more advanced in the past.
  3. Be very proud.  You don’t have to tell a soul about a thing, but to yourself be VERY proud of this.  You’re trying something new and it’s hard as hell and every single accomplishment is a really big deal.  Your brain is asking your body to do crazy new stuff and it’s TRYING!  Outstanding!

The other posts in the blog hop are excellent, so go check them out – they have real tips! 🙂