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May’s blog hop is a Big List Of Questions that comes up whenever polers meet or interview each other.  I would LOVE to see my reader’s responses!  Please feel free to comment below or post your answers on facebook and put the link below.  To see what the other participants in the blog hop are saying, head on over to the Linky Tools!

  1. How long have you been pole dancing?
    • Two years + 2 weeks.
  2. What’s your favorite song to pole dance to?
    • I’d have to say Gone by The Weeknd.
  3. What’s your favorite pole dance move?
    • Hmm, maybe it’s a thing we call a “prowl up” which is actually a floor move.  Not really sure what my favorite is.  Maybe my friends could remember what I do the most – I’m so mindless when I dance, I don’t remember!
  4. What pole move is your nemesis?
    • A clean invert. Seriously, after 2 years I’m definitely strong enough, but I’ve got a stupid mental block about it.
  5. If you have to classify your dance style, what would it be?
    • Sultry!
  6. What inspires your movement? Why do you dance?
    • I dance to feel. Mostly I just relish taking up as much space as possible. It’s actually the only time I feel like me, no holds barred.
  7. Do you study/participate in any other kinds of dancing or other kinds of training?
    • Nope. Exercise sucks monkey balls.
  8. How often do you train, dance or attend class per week?
    • 1 class, 1 practice, sometimes a girls dance party.
  9. Any tips for training?
    • I’m the one who needs the tips right now, especially on staying motivated! (These blog hops help, though.)
  10. Do you train on both sides when you pole? Why or why not?
    • Yes, I feel strongly that its safer for your body and posture to get more even use, even if you never use your non-dominant side in a final routine or freestyle.
  11. If you’re not a full time poler, how do you balance work and pole? Friends and pole? Life and Pole?
    • Pole is my hobby and I try to fit it in as I can. I think we make time for what matters most at that moment, whether we mean to or not. I’ve swung both ways.
  12. Is pole dancing, which happens to be a hobby for most, worth the investment?
    • Definitely, because it provides me physical, emotional, and even spiritual fulfillment that I’ve never had from any other single activity.
  13. Why did you start a pole dance blog?
    • I wanted to share my journey. I was inspired by Confessions Of A Twirly Girl to do it because Lori was open about her  struggles and successes and it really affected me.  I wanted to help others the same way.
  14. What does your pole dance blog mainly focus on?
    • My thoughts about my personal experiences and happenings in the pole community.
  15. What’s your favorite post on your pole dance blog?
  16. What’s your favorite non-pole blog?
  17. What is your favorite dance studio? (If you teach or own a studio, please list one other than where you teach.)
    • Aerosha, for the win! Search my blog to see how much I rave about it.
  18. If you teach, why did you start teaching, and how did it change your practice? If you don’t teach, do you think you’d ever want to teach? Why or why not?
    • No, I don’t think I would. I’m too scared to be responsible for others’ safety (physical and emotional).
  19. Heels or No Heels? Also any good recommendations for heels?
    • No heels for me. I need to feel every movement of my feet and let them explore my space.
  20. What are your favorite pole clothes?
    • Daisy Shorts by Mika Yoga Wear. Still looking for the right tops and sports bras for busty girls which don’t create a uniboob.
  21. What’s your favorite pole? Size? Material? Height? Static? Spin?
    • 45 mm chrome, 8′, convertible. Mine is 50 mm. I’m not a big climber so I don’t need much height.
  22. If you have ever performed, how do you usually prepare your performance?
    • I’ve only ever performed freestyle. No prep necessary!
  23. What’s something you love to do or experience aside from pole dancing?
    • I love photography. I love to view it and I love to do it. And now that I read that in my head, I really want to show a clip of Molly Shannon saying “I love it!” but that’s just ridikkulus.
  24. How has pole dancing affected your life?
    • It’s been transformational. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin now. And I’ve finally made friends with women, not easy for me.
  25. Looking back at your life, are you surprised that you’re a pole dancer? Like were you a nun five years ago and now you’re a pole teacher? Or does pole dancing seem like a natural fit into the progression of your life?

    • It’s totally natural for me. I wish I’d found it sooner. On the other hand, I grew up in a very strict religious community that would have kicked me out for this (hmm, maybe that’s another post…).
  26. What’s one pole stereotype that you wish would go away?
    • That you have to be thin/fit to do it. Also that it’s only for women. I love the smooshing of gender expectations. That’s a word.
  27. Best reaction when you told someone that you are a pole dancer?
    • I don’t recall. People have been cool.
  28. Also, since its May… does your Mother [or any maternal person in your life] know that you pole dance and what does she think?
    • My mom and mother in law both know, not sure what either thinks; I haven’t asked and they haven’t said. I’m sure as hell not telling my grandma – she’s hyper-judgmental and I don’t want to hear it!
  29. What’s your pole fantasy or dream?
    • Right now, I think I’d just really like a dedicated (large) room that I can turn into a pole haven. Right now it’s in the middle of my living room, which works physically but isn’t very nurturing emotionally.
  30. Finish this sentence. Pole dancing is…
    • Empowering!

So, share yours!