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Pole competitions.  Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re becoming quite popular.  I imagine there will be much debate on this month’s Blog Hop about the pros and cons of showcases, competitions, benefits and events.  I want to share my personal experience from the one and so-far only comp I’ve attended.

Last August two friends and I attended the Midwest Pole Convention (which has more alternate names than you can imagine).  I already wrote a recap of the event so today I want to talk about what I REALLY learned.

We are strong.

  • Competitors. My god.  Physical strength is required, of course, but the guts it takes to do that?  Outstanding.  One performer fell from pretty high up.  It was scary for everyone, but after she recovered she came back out and DID HER ROUTINE ANYWAY.  What??  Bloody brilliant.  The crowd went wild.
  • Event organizers.  I could tell the amount of work that went into it was insane.  Room for improvement? Sure. But the time and effort involved seemed staggering. I’m thinking everyone from judges to instructors to volunteers. Personal and group strength – win.
  • Vendors. They schlep their wares from all over the country to come and sell themselves to us. They personally answer questions, take suggestions, help you try things and educate you personally.  Respect.
  • Audience (that’s me!).  SOLID.  We love pole so much.  We support all the competitors, and each other.  Seeing a giant room full of people from far and wide, all with a common interest – very fun.  It was the first time I was in a pole environment with a mixed-gender crowd and it was lovely!  I have so many thoughts on men in the world of pole, but this is just one more way I learned that they belong involved in every way!  (There were no male performers last year, but I believe this year Bob Zamora will be performing – can’t wait!)

Others this month will talk about competitions versus showcases, etc. and I do have feelings about all that, but today I just wanted to talk about what I learned at my first competition.  There is strength in pole and it’s beautiful.

This month’s Blog Hop is Showcases, Competitions, Benefits & Events.  They should all be up by the 15th, so check back to see what’s been added!