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Unexpected favorite pole things!  You already know your favorite pole products. If you want more inspiration, there are tons of lists.  You want stuff you haven’t thought of before!

Here are some new ideas!

  • Shellac nail polish.  If you dance like I do there’s a whole lot of dragging your toes across the floor with luxurious feline expression where you abandon all thought of linear progressive steps and feel your way forward and around and through your space.  Hmm, that was a bit of tangent.  Anyway – normal polish is gone after one dance for me. With Shellac polish my nails are perfect until they start to grow out and I need to re-do them (2 weeks on fingers, 4 or more on toes).  It’s pretty expensive to get it done so I bought the UV light and polish and I do it myself.  Makes me uber carefree when I pole!
Courtesy of The Fingernail Files

Courtesy of The Fingernail Files


  • Glue.  Annemarie Davies of United Pole Artists gave a workshop once about competing and mentioned that when she needs clothes to stay in place she uses a glue stick.  It works! And it washes right out of clothes. Crazy unexpected!
Courtesy of  yuan2003

Courtesy of yuan2003


  • Laser hair removal.  I so want to have the courage to try this! My skin is so sensitive that the tiniest scratch can welt so I’m terrified but I think it would make me happy in my pole life!

[Googling this for an image frightened me.  I will spare you pictures.  Instead, imagine beautifully smooth legs and underarms!]

  • Cartoon pole stickers.  Hella fun! These just boost my mood and motivate me whenever I see them.  I have one on my windshield and one on the back of my phone.  That also makes it a fun conversation starter when people see my phone!
phone sticker

This is my old phone. It met an untimely death so I ordered more stickers!

What are some unexpected things that make your pole life great? I’d love to know!

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