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It’s February, and our blog hop topic is Love.  You know what I love about pole?  The pole love in the community!  What an amazingly supportive group of people.  Complete strangers on the internet are encouraging each other to find their strength, their passion, their sensuality – anything needed.  And the friends I’ve built in my studio are amazing, always encouraging each other.

In light of that, it’s strange to remember that pole isn’t often a team activity.  It’s very personal and my success doesn’t help or harm your success.  Yet you encourage me all the same.  You share my struggles and my accomplishments and you understand the highs and lows that are specific to pole.  There’s a generosity of spirit that I don’t see a lot in other parts of my life and I appreciate it.

I had a different blog planned out for today.  It involved a freestyle video but I hurt my wrist worse than than I realized this week so I’m going to postpone that one for another time.  For today I want to say that whether or not you are currently in a romantic relationship with someone, you’re reading this entry right at this moment and that gives you a personal relationship with me and I appreciate you very much. So Happy Valentine’s Day, and keep the pole love going!

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