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What a year!  As it winds down, it’s time for everyone on earth to post their recaps of what made the year significant to them and the pole community is down with that! My year was not filled with learning bunches of new tricks, rather I experienced tons of personal pole growth (that wording is weird! poles don’t grow!).

In April, on my one year pole anniversary, I started this blog.  I was so in love with the poling community (still am) and wanted to share what was going on with me in the hopes it would resonate with some other people.  At the time I was struggling with the speed my class was advancing, so I dropped back to a different class and worked on my non-dominant side and re-learning the fundamentals.  8 months later and I’m still focusing on those fundamentals, but now I’m mixing up sides and ready to tackle some new things.

In June I attended a new studio for the first time ever.  It felt so exciting and scary and slightly disloyal! I quickly learned that it’s very beneficial and not disloyal at all. You learn different things from different instructors, plus you remember many things you appreciate about your home studio!

Also in June I shared my personal story here.  That’s a milestone.  I wasn’t sure if I’d use this blog to get that personal but I did and I’m glad.

In July I got a pole!  It stands proudly in my living room and though I don’t engage it every day I’m SO glad it’s here for me at any moment I want.  I also did a video review of the installation, marking the first time I’ve ever allowed a video of me talking to be posted in the internet.  Scary and fun!

In August I attended my first pole competition and convention.  HOLY SHITBALLS WAS THAT FUN!  I went to Chicago with a couple of friends (and that bonding was amazing) and we watched outstanding performances and attended lectures and workshops and OHMYGOD!  I want more of this in 2013!

In September I recorded myself dancing for the first time ever and POSTED IT ON THE INTERNET.  I can’t emphasize what meant to me.  It was a chance to both see myself objectively for the first time (our studio doesn’t use mirrors) and to let others see me dance unedited with flaws and all.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and I’ll be eternally grateful to everyone for their kindness.

Another thing that has been happening this year (though I don’t remember exactly when it started) is that a bunch of dancer friends and I started having having pole parties at our homes.  I love these women and am so grateful they’re in my life.  The time we spend together is helpful technically but more importantly they let me share their pole (and life) journeys and support me in mine.

It’s been a crazy, wonderful pole year for me.  Did you have any milestones or accomplishments this year?  Tell us about it in the comments! Read other year-in-pole reviews on the December blog hop (all entries should be done by the 15th so check back then, too).

Or if you’re a blogger, join the fun by posting your year in review and add yourself to the blog hop link above!