I came upon a blog post that explains why we can’t help but kick ass at pole. Here’s an excerpt that really struck me:

Proper fundamentals allow us to:
1. recruit the proper muscles for each skill in a way that maximizes our strength, ensures joint integrity & our physical safety
2. dance with aesthetically beautiful, clean lines
3. generate push/pull forces to create resistance and stability
4. generate spin impulse and sustain a spin using centrifugal force
5. create fulcrums that support static poses whether we’re upright or inverted
6. utilize pivot points for turns and spirals

~ From Step 10: The Key to Nailing Advanced Pole Tricks, by Kira “Keex” Lamb

Are you kidding me?  That’s what I’ve been doing?  No wonder even beginner work is hard!  No wonder I feel so powerful when I fly and spin and dance!

The whole series is cute; obviously a take on a well-known 12-step recovery program.  Step 6 has holistic remedies to pole side-effect injuries. Step 7 probably deserves a whole post on NOT becoming a perfectionist. A POLE ADDICT’S GUIDE TO RE(DIS)COVERY: http://studioveena.com/blogs/view/503c2bcf-1e54-4ec6-b191-52340ac37250

Am I the only one who forgets how amazing we are in pursuit of the next amazing thing?  Well done, everyone who ever came back for their second class!