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As part of the Pole Dancing Bloggers group on facebook, November’s blog hop topic is “Coming Out.”  (I can’t use the widget on this site, but here’s the link to the other blogs who are participating.  Check back to see who adds a post on this topic in November!)

When I first started taking pole classes I was very careful to always say “pole fitness.”  True, I didn’t want anyone to think it was club dancing, but I think I was also afraid to say that I was DANCING.  Not for others – for me.  I never had grace and I’m not sure I had great rhythm, so my dancing was always rather awkward. Who was I to claim I was a dancer?  The irony is I’m SO NOT a fitness person – what a load of bull to say it was “pole fitness” but that felt safer. 🙂

After a few months I realized I AM graceful (or have become so) and I CAN dance, with all my heart – and I don’t need rhythm for what I do.  After about a year, when I became more involved in the online pole community and learned to truly appreciate the dancing side of it, I decided it’s time to call what I do “pole dancing.”  I’m happy to explain to anyone if they seem unsure about what I do.  I haven’t used that phrase to my mom or parents-in-law yet, but I think that would be fine, too. They know I have a pole.  I haven’t had the folks over since I installed the pole in my living room, so I’m not sure what I’ll show them if they ask to see me do something! I’m not much of a trickster, and it could be a challenge to show them something they can relate to.

In September United Pole Artists had a massive “Pole Pride Day” online event and I considered posting a photo or video of myself online.  As in PUBLIC.  Two days later, I did it.  I DID IT. I recorded my very first video and I made it public.  Scary-as-hell, yet so rewarding!  The feedback from my entire support network of in-person friends and internet friends was amazing.

Then I did something else.  I shared the link with some my coworkers, including my manager.  They knew I took pole classes but it was pretty scary nonetheless.  I’m a computer nerd.  To let them see me in shorts with my butt in the air was a big step.  They were all supportive!

I recently joined the FreeStyle Fridays group on facebook and hope to post more videos of me dancing.

Coming out about pole was amazingly positive for me.  I know it isn’t for everyone, so I’m super grateful to everyone who has encouraged me. Many of you don’t even know how you inspire me.  THANK YOU ALL!

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