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Hello lovely polers and pole supporters!  Today I want to share something that is really special.  There’s a new group on facebook called FreeStyle Friday.  If you’re not familiar with facebook groups, it’s a special feed that is on the left of your screen that only contains posts relevant to that group. Usually it’s a “closed” group meaning the owner has to approve you and that keeps things on topic pretty well.)  Each week the group owner, Ashley, declares the song of the week and group members are encouraged to try to freestyle to it.  If you want, you can video the performance but you don’t have to.

The group is SUPER supportive and has dancers of all kinds on there – tricksters and lyrical dancers, amateurs and pros, young and old, and not only pole but anything related to pole (see the quote below and why there’s no excuse if you don’t have access to a pole for this!). It’s fun to see all the various interpretations of the songs and see people at different levels.  Sometimes if you look on YouTube all you see are the pros and it’s hard to relate to that.

This is a chance to work on anything you want, or just get some motivation to MOVE!   They also have a trick of the week if you’re interested in that kind of challenge.  I think this is a GREAT idea and to find it in a group of super cool people all cheering each other on, well that’s just fabulous!

Here’s the current “About us” text:

I created FreeStyle Friday as a way to challenge myself to work on my ability to freestyle. This group is open to anyone that are interested in also accepting this challenge to better themselves and to also help provide constructive feedback to others.

In addition to pole, you can do silks, freestyle chair dance, freestyle floor work, hoops, cubes, wall/mirror work…or anything related to pole fitness.

How it works…
Each week (typically on Sunday or Monday) I’ll announce that week’s FreeStyle song, then anyone that wants to join in can just post their videos on Friday. There are only three rules: 1. have fun and 2. stick to the chosen song..but it CAN be a remix/different version! 3. No editing…this is a freestyle 😉

If you’re interested, join up and challenge yourself!  I’m traveling this week but hope to start joining in when I can, so look for some “FreeStyle Friday” posts from me in the future!