Folks, I’ve struck the motherload!  I know you’re with me, searching for more blogs about pole – well, have I got you covered or what? I was just accepted into a facebook group for pole bloggers and it’s HUGE and growing!  So I went through my blogroll and added the new English-speaking ones that I found in that group (should I make a blogroll for foreign-language ones?) and now I have THIRTY SEVEN pole blogs listed in my sidebar.  I removed the pictures just because it’s so huge.  I’ll add more as I see them from the fb group.

Some of these update frequently, some don’t.  Some are instructional, some are hilarious.  Some are ones I’ve been following for a while but just forgot to add to my list. Just take your time checking them out and subscribe to the ones that interest you. Do you have one I don’t have listed?  Let me know in the comments!  Inspired to start your own?  Take the plunge and share your thoughts/videos/tips/anything! And if you’re a pole blogger, join that fb group!

Oh, and don’t forget I post a LOT of extra goodies on my facebook page and I have bonus pole-related links in the footer of my blog!  Who loves ya, baby?

Courtesy of cortega9

Courtesy of cortega9