Okay.  Major controversy here.  But I’m interested in having this discussion to see what people think.  I’ve already shared my opinions on men in pole.  I’m starting to develop some opinions on children in pole, so I’ll share them here then ask you to share yours.

I think it should be safe and healthy for kids to learn pole.  In the video I’m linking at the end of this post, one lady uses a great analogy – orange juice with vodka.  A kid sees an adult drinking that and wants some; the kid has no context of what it really contains or what it could do.  The adult doesn’t hand over the glass – they give the kid a kid-appropriate equivalent, straight OJ.  Same thing here.  You don’t stick a 5 year old in 7″ platform heals and teach them a booty pop.  You do teach them to learn strength and grace and personal awareness through dance.  Kids learn gymnastics, ballet and jazz and all manner of movement.  They can learn pole too.  And if they end up being sexually aware – well I believe they will anyway, only in schools and gyms and wherever the hell else only with no adult supervision or context of self-awareness or respect for others.

A studio owner who offers a kid’s pole class was invited to be on Anderson Cooper 360.  The experience wasn’t quite what she expected (if you watch the video on YouTube you’ll see all her comments explaining that). Some people understood that sexuality can be separate from pole, but some people can’t understand that.  One comment was that even if a kid learns circus-like pole, as soon as she turns 18 there’s only one pole option available – stripping.  I thought that was particularly narrow-minded.

However, I don’t have kids.  Maybe I would feel differently.  Do you?