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Well, I did it. I made a video of myself dancing and I posted it on the internet.  Thanks to UPA’s “Pole Pride Day” and the encouraging help of a good friend who came over last night, I followed through.  So many things I wish were different (how big can my hair possibly get?) but no regrets.  All my family, friends and coworkers know I dance, but it’s different now that it’s out there.

I have to thank Lolorashel for bravely sharing videos of herself even though she admits to sometimes struggling with her body image.  I think if I didn’t have strong women as examples of how to embrace our own strength and beauty I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this.  There are a few pole blogs I follow, Lori’s at the forefront, that show me you don’t have to be on the pole 10 hours a day and fit into tiny little booty shorts to enjoy the expressive nature of this dance.

So why am I sharing this?  The video isn’t 4 minutes of tricks showcasing everything I know – I think I only touch the pole a few times and the rest is floor work.  I’m wearing knee pads which is a huge no-no for videos.  The lighting could be better (but I had fun casting it in blue).  And I don’t know how to remix a video to overlay the soundtrack correctly so that it won’t sound crappy.  But I felt what I feel when a song moves me.  As flyingspinner pointed out, maybe it’ll inspire someone – to start pole, to renew their love for it, or maybe to post a video.

So here’s the next chapter of my story. The one where I come right out of the (open-door) closet and into the light of the world.