United Pole Artists is doing another community event that sounds too good for me to pass up.  “Pole Pride” Day! It’s September 20, 2012 – so there’s time to do something this weekend for it.

All my family, friends, and coworkers know that I pole dance but I’ve never shared a photo or video of me dancing.  I once did a professional session where my dancing was made into a flip-book (which is awesome) but that’s not out there on the internet – and once it’s out there it’s permanently cached on servers even if the original is deleted.

Can I do something scary and still have fun? Can I look at a photo or video of myself and see the beauty of the art in it and not just an awkward arm in a pose or an angle of a belly I don’t love?

I’m 90% sure I want to do this, but it’s a big step for me!  How about you? Have you “come out” about pole to your family and friends? Shared pictures? Is now the time?