Tonight I had the chance to attend a class at a new studio while traveling on business.  Studio Vixen is in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The class I attended was called “XXX” and here’s what the online description says:

Welcome to your new vice! As raunchy as the name sounds, this all level intensive floorwork only class is sure you get you all over toned and flexibile while you heat up the night.  XXX will focus on the floor skills that will keep you dancing smoothly between pole moves and floor work and will help you find your own style. It’s like sugar and spice for your every vice!

I guess I wasn’t quite prepared for this one.  I’ll start with the building.  The studio is about 3 blocks from my hotel, and I asked the front desk if it was a safe neighborhood because I planned to walk.  They said it would be fine on this street.  It was a night class but I couldn’t imagine driving 3 blocks.  I did, however, look at the Google street view for the place and it looked like a broken shell of a warehouse building.  Obviously that wasn’t right, so out I went.  I didn’t get a great feeling about the empty streets as I walked.  When I got to the building, the front of it was all windows and though there were posters on the windows (think: more stripper, less athletic) they didn’t cover all the glass so anyone sitting in the open parking lot across the street could just watch the classes. It was one open-concept room, other than the lockers, so once you enter for reception you see the whole studio.

I went in and there was a Beginner’s class in progress so I filled out my form and had a seat to watch. I don’t know if it was a drop-in session or part of a regular class, but those poor girls were learning spin after spin after spin with no chance to really succeed at one before trying the next. They seemed to have fun, though. 3 of the 4 ladies wore heels.  I did not bring heels as I dance barefoot.

When my class was up the instructor was glad I was wearing yoga pants as I’d need my knees to slide, but the lack of shoes would be a problem.  Indeed, there was one move I couldn’t do without shoes (lie prone on my stomach and lift my butt high up while sliding up on straight legs – couldn’t just drag the tops of my feet on the floor).  There was also a “flirt into heel clap into pound the floor with the toes in an inverted V” that I’ve seen in traditional stripper style dancing.  In the intro talk the instructor mentioned that some of the moves would be great in bed.  I admit my inner eyes rolled a lot.  I like sensual dance very much, I just don’t like going through the motions for the over forced, almost-cliché stuff.

The good news is that I learned something I’ve been wanting to look up.  I do my backward roll onto one knee with the other leg extended in what this instructor called a passé (I think).  I got to learn to do it into a body roll, so instead of landing on a knee, I kept that leading leg straight and bent my trailing leg (like a scorpion) and rolled over my shoulder and on to my torso.  So yay for that! (9/8/12 EDITED TO ADD: I just found a tutorial from Aerial Amy that shows this, though she doesn’t bend her trailing leg: http://aerialamy.com/blog/2011/11/15/tuesday-tips-plow-over/)

Walking home I called my husband to just chat on the phone ’till I got back to the hotel.  Due to my feelings about the neighborhood I cancelled my Spin Pole class for tomorrow night and I emailed the manager just to let her know why. I would feel fine visiting this studio during the day but it’s not really my style of dance, so it wouldn’t be a great fit for a regularly scheduled class. Overall, didn’t love it, but glad I went!