Pole clothes are tricky if you’re not small.  I’m pretty short (5’4″) and on the upper end of a comfortable weight (150 lbs).  Normally that’s not the kind of thing a lady would share, but it’s relevant and I’ve learned to love my body as-is while I work towards a more comfortable weight, so there it is.  This means I wear a size 10 jeans.  Well – most pole clothes are made for slender forms – I don’t even know, maybe a size 6 or less.  Additionally, I’m what you might call a busty girl (shout-out to http://bustygirlcomics.com/ !). A proper bra fitting – which every woman should do because it makes everything fit better – revealed I am a 34DDD.  Most places don’t carry cups that large with bands that small so again, tricky.

So I’m going to share two things that are working exceptionally well for me and then a bunch of sites that carry pole clothes that I might be able to wear some day.  Hopefully they can inspire you!

First, a sports bra. Preface – I do not like Walmart.  Seriously, I boycott them.  However, I have not found a sport bra like this one anywhere else.  Danskin Now – Front Close Deep Plunge Sport Bra.  If you are smaller than me there are fun colors.  For me there is black and white. Of course they don’t make my true size; the closest thing is a 36D and it does work very well.  What’s great about this bra is that there is no UniBoob.  You can bend your back and not feel suffocated in your chest. Also, your boobs look fabulous under any shirt with this bra. The neck part bothers me if I wear it too long, so it’s not an all-day thing for me.

Second, shorts. At the Midwest Pole Competition last weekend, Mika Yoga Wear was there and had some of their products.  I discussed my concerns with them  – that all shorts end up exposing my entire belly and they suggested the Daisy Short.  I skeptically tried on the M/L size and it was great!  Wearing them is a dream – they are super full coverage and don’t ride up at all and they are a fold-over so you can control how high they come on your waist.  I prefer full height – no way that belly is slipping out of these babies! The inseam feels long but as soon as you move a bit, the inseam bunches up (comfortably) so that it’s not in the way on the pole and it STILL doesn’t ride up in the back. I want to also say they took my suggestion for offering a plunge sports bra under consideration (even took pics) – they are top notch.

So those are things that work exceptionally well for my size and preferences.  Now let’s talk about fun clothes! Some of these are sporty, some are sexy and some offer both.

We got a really interesting tip from Annmarie Davies last weekend – she uses a fat glue stick from Office Depot to keep her clothes from shifting.  This might mean I can wear a bunch of cute bra tops that I’d have never considered before (as long as I don’t care about real support and only about staying in).  Must try it.

Do you have any others I should add to the list?  Let me know in the comments!