This morning I read a blog and wanted to share it with you all so I tried WorPress’s “reblog” link.  It insta-posted an empty blog post without including the original content or a link, so I deleted it.  I forgot that it would email people saying “hey, new post!” and then nothing would be there.  So here’s the link to that post on choreography versus freestyle: http://acrobaticpole.blogspot.com/2012/08/should-i-improvise-or-choreograph-my.html

And now that I’ve got that straightened out, let me mention that my weekly pole class structure is going to change a bit.  As some of you know, I’m in a do-over stage of learning on my left side.  It meant leaving my long-time class of dear friends and joining strangers in a mixed-level class which often had various drop-in people there.  There really was no sense of cohesion at all.  Now the class will be the same 4 of us all the time and we’ll all be at the same level.  (I had to stop poling for 8 weeks due to wrist trouble and I miss class a lot due to travel so although I know many of the moves already, it’ll still be a challenge to keep up on my non-dominant side.)

Everything about this is good.  But I can’t help compare it now to my original class which was structured the same way, and oh how I miss my girls.  We still get together every 4-6 weeks to hang out but that’s not the same as sharing their pole journeys each week.  I imagine I’ll share some similar things with the new group but it’s a very, very, very different group.

Treasure those who sustain your spirit.  Outwardly treasure them.