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I thought I’d share my progress as well as what I’ve tried.  My wrists feel much better!

It’s been almost 7 weeks since a chiropractor told me I needed to lay off pole for 8-12 weeks. Since then I’ve worn braces at night and all during pole class (which then basically consisted of floor and wall work this whole time).  I tried to pole once in the middle of that time and it hurt so I stopped.

When my pole was installed 2 weeks ago I did play on it some, so that was at 5 weeks, but it did hurt a little.  Last Friday I saw an Acupuncturist for the first time in my life.  She did an overall “reset” thing with my back and various points.  It seemed I was quite a mess!  But I felt pretty good so on Saturday I played some more at home; it hurt some.  Last weekend I played a little more, again it hurt a little. Well yesterday I saw the Acupuncturist again and boy howdy! She did a heat test on all my fingernails and toenails and I was off the charts in some areas. Then as she was doing her little needle thing one of them hurt so I exclaimed “ow!” then about 1-2 seconds later I started crying!  It wasn’t from pain, so I was confused! She brought me a tissue and was actually very pleased – apparently this is a desired outcome!  Seriously, though, what a super compassionate lady.  She explained that the goal of Acupuncture is to unblock energy and apparently we just had – big time.  I asked her what that spot was and she said anxiety.  No surprise there, I just didn’t realize I still had so much of it!  2 minutes later my crying was done.  Super weird!

I felt fine the rest of the day and went to my class last night.  AND I FLEW!  My wrists felt totally normal and I felt like I should try!  I kept the little stretchy brace on my left hand but took off the big one on my right hand.  I tried to take it easy, too.  But I did it!  It felt wonderful!  Oh how I’ve missed it.  Freestyle felt amazing for the first time in weeks.  I had mentioned the crying to my instructor (she sees this lady and recommended her).  After I danced she said “I felt like you had a breakthrough just like your breakthrough today.  Much more confident.”  I guess that’s 2 breakthroughs in one day!

My wrists don’t hurt today, other than being a little stiff since I just woke up and had braces on for 8 hours.  I can’t tell you all how happy I am about this!  I’m going to make a very serious effort to listen to and take care of my body better so I can keep poling to the max!

This is me now!