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Two posts in one day – crazy!  But tomorrow I’ll be on a plane all day and this deserves a shoutout.

United Pole Artists is having a bit of a rally next week which I’m thinking of as a virtual flash mob (no flashing, please!).  Monday to Monday (9th – 16th), share a photo or video of a sexy performance. There’s a push to get Pole Sport into the Olympics but tricks aren’t everything and it’s nice to remember that there’s a whole other passionate side to pole.  So post a sexy video on YouTube, or even take a photo and send it to info@unitedpoleartists.com or post it on their Facebook page and they’ll add it to their Bringing Sexy Back facebook photo album.

Also, if you tag The Pole Story‘s facebook page on your photo you can get a free autographed copy of the book from Claire Griffin Sterrett (which I’ve read and recommend highly).

I’m still undecided on my participation due to my wrists, but this is totally something I would do.  If I do participate it’ll be a chair/floor/wall freestyle.  How about you?  Feeling up to a bit of fun?