Duh, right? My husband made an interesting observation last night that I thought warranted a mention.  “Look how far you’ve come in a year.  You used to spend hours looking for one song to take to class and now you hear any song and say ‘I could dance to that’. ”  He was proud of me and that surprised me but it IS something to be proud of.  I’ve always loved music but my body didn’t know how to find a connection to songs unless they were highly emotional to me for some reason. I still have favorite genres and styles, of course, where my body does the thinking for me but it’s so much easier now to connect with various music.

Of course, that’s all due to Aerosha.  A frequent assignment is a music genre or theme, so it can take some time to find a song if it’s something you haven’t considered before.  I’m so happy it’s working!

P.S.  Last night I was in an really wonderful “accessory” class with a couple other (great) women and while our instructor, Rachael, was queuing up the next song she suddenly said “look at yourselves – you’re all flowing around the room and there’s not even any music playing!”  We weren’t really dancing, but we were each clearly lost in the moment.  So it turns out I might not even need music at all sometimes!  That was AWESOME!