Today I attended an “accessory” class – the kind that’s non-sequential and often has a theme or goal. Well I have to say it surprised and delighted me. At the end of our regular classes we freestyle and often we bear witness for each other and watch. That’s “normal” for us. What was new this time was we put a few minutes of thought into telling a story with our dancing.

There were lots of other new elements but I’m just focusing on this one. I normally lose myself in the emotion of my dance. This was the first time we used props/clothing in a way that was not just to see how it makes us feel but as part of the method of storytelling.

You know what? There were 3 performances and in every case the audience got the gist of the story! That alone was very rewarding. But what really struck us all was that we clearly have learned to trust ourselves and each other to feel safe while being creative. I don’t know about you but for me that’s huge.

I’m so grateful Aerosha is in my life and guiding me through new experiences.