In case you’re not a personal friend on facebook, you probably don’t know what a total shitball of a week I’m having. It mostly has to do with driving in Toronto, but it partly has to do with the awesome timing of the female body and the unfortunate forgetting of anti-anxiety medication at home. (And many other very small things that are adding up to molehill amounts of unpleasantness which I am prompty turning into mountains.)

All that is only relevant to give you reason to take this whining with a grain of salt. My wrists hurt really badly yesterday and I assumed it was due to schlepping a bit of luggage around (not sure a roll-aboard and a laptop even count as luggage but the only other thing I can blame is dance class from Saturday and I refuse!). But today they still hurt. Lots. I’m pretty worried that I’ll be useless tomorrow night and that sure does add layer of trepidation to attending a new studio for the first time in my life. I wonder if you can do a lot of core and/or leg work on the pole without using much wrist at all. If so I don’t know how yet.

On the plus side, when I realized tonight that I hadn’t packed a single pair of jeans I considered wearing my poling skort to return the rental car. That gave me a tiny grin for the 1.5 seconds I considered it.

Edited to add: class is actually Wednesday. Maybe it’ll heal more.