I may have mentioned that my old phone tried to dance with water.  Outcome not good. I’ve been using an even older phone (iPhone 3G) to get by.  It was becoming painful to deal with the speed of that phone when I was used to a 3GS.  Sure the internet was slower, but even apps were glacial.  And there’s no way to close tasks so they all keep running in the background ’till you shut down.  Really not acceptable for someone who travels and can’t recharge constantly.

So, I bit the bullet and bought a new phone.  I really, really dislike Walmart but it was a hundred bucks cheaper thank AT&T for the phone + early upgrade and that’s a lot of money.

Holy crap is it fast!  Pictures are gorgeous (not the one below which is edited since the original lighting made it look blue).  Fonts are easier to read – and that’s important because I finally decided to read on the plane with the Kindle app.  Some of my apps actually work again, like Mint.

And here’s the fun part.  I get to use another one of my stickers from Pole Fitness World! I had already used the ones where I can do the pose, so now this is reflective of a goal rather than an accomplishment.  Yay!

new phone, My Pole Family sticker

This is one of 6 in the set.