This feels like a REALLY big deal.  For over a year I’ve been learning from my beloved Aerosha studio.  This week I’ll be in Toronto on business and have scheduled an Intermediate Pole Tricks drop-in while up there.  So many questions!

Am I advanced enough to not look like a fool?  Will they make me wear heels? (I don’t dance in heels.) How will I feel with all the lights and possible mirrors?  (Our studio is candle-lit and there are no mirrors – more on that in another post.)

And the biggest one of all – why does this feel like cheating?  I know my instructor visits other studios when she travels.  Why shouldn’t I? Am I afraid I might learn something new?  (Ridiculous – I’m PAYING to learn something new, otherwise I’d just rent studio time to practice on my own.) And if I did learn something new am I afraid my instructor wouldn’t be pleased?  I think she’d be delighted (though she may have to help improve my form if I learn something unsafely).

I’m kind of freaking out about this.  There will be no safety net of people I know who love me and support me.  It’s been a long time since I was in that situation and back then I KNEW that I knew nothing.  Now I’m afraid I’ll act like I know something and everyone will see that I don’t.  Am I 13 years old or 40?  This is crazy!  Time to put on my big girl booty shorts and step into the wide world!