Yesterday I was trying to do a spin that I had learned a while back but I just couldn’t figure it out on my left side.  On a whim I tried it on the spinning pole and learned something that is probably obvious to everyone – when you remove the momentum challenge from a spin you can focus on the pose!

The Pole Dance Dictionary calls it the Backwards Showgirl Variation. I was having trouble crunching my legs up high enough sideways because my brain was trying to keep my height level while twirling and flying and crunching. The spinning pole helped me focus only on the crunch so my body could get a little muscle memory for what that feels like on the left side.  Yay!

Here’s a link to a video demo of it (to see it again you have to refresh the page).

backwards showgirl variation demo

Now, speaking of a spinning pole – I’ve never seen someone control the spin of a pole like this.  Holy cow.