I’ve decided I need some do-overs.  My class was reaching levels that started to make me pretty anxious because I felt that I never had enough practice to get comfortable with one move before we were on to the next.  I don’t have a pole at home (that’s another discussion) which I’m sure would have made all the difference.  So – I’m switching classes to one that’s a little lower level.  I decided that if we cover something I’m comfortable with I can work on my left side and when we cover something I’m not comfortable with I can learn it anew.  Also, it’s with a different instructor and sometimes when you hear something explained a different way it just clicks and you get a better understanding.

I know the anxiety started with inversions but there are several things that I struggle with which others at my level do with ease.  I don’t care if they’re better at something than I am, I just want to learn it better so that I’m more comfortable before I move on to the next thing and I look at them as a bit of a benchmark – if they’re great at it there’s a good chance they know something I don’t and I want to know it too!  I really think part of the problem is bad muscle memory.  If you do something wrong enough times it’s pretty hard to unlearn it.  Also, sometimes I think I fear losing my grip or something and maybe I just need to learn to change my grip a little.  Here’s an example – the Daphne (our studio names most things uniquely so I’ll use the generic names from The Pole Dance Dictionary for consistency).  I know I must bring my shoulders back and pop my chest to achieve the right curved body line yet I’ve only been able to do that correctly once.

As I advance I think it’s a good idea to have a do-over sometimes.  Life doesn’t always let you have those, but pole does!